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4 - Work packages

Creation of a permanent network

Duration of project phase: from 01/11/2006 to 01/04/2008

The objective is to spread information and operative  know-how by focused methods. It is also to consolidate a  permanent medium-long term network.

The Communication plan  related to the results diffusion, good practices, excellence cases, know how concerning the previous actions performed by the project.

The purpose of the present action is to share just in time news, good practices usable in the contexts above mentioned and excellence cases, (adapting them to the particular context and to the reality of the provincial industrial districts considered) according to the tradition of exchange many times underlined by the EU Commission to create an active citizenship.
The going on of this action , following all the timing of the project and after lasting thanks to the supportabilty of the site itself, furnish great visibility to the whole project, the partnership, innovativeness of the actions performed; It is also a valid instrument  to be implemented with the addition of  new industrial realities of candidates countries. Last but not least, the synergic cooperation of the heterogeneous partners will take new and more efficient communication systems  and  of organisation of the information activities in the project. To reach such sub objectives the following activities are planned: