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3 - Work packages

Experimentation: application of different integrated instruments

Duration of project phase: from 01/06/2007 to 01/11/2007


This phase is divided into 4 actions:  a direction one Strategic Laboratory (LS) e 3 concrete experimentations (Change management, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR) the Strategic Laboratory constituted in the first phase begins to operate using indications coming from action 2.5-guidelines-. In the from the start up of the Laboratory up to the intervention plan, Ls members make a recognition of the instruments  used inside the associated enterprises  or attached to the partners. This is the rule for Italian and first level foreigner partners and Third Partners. At the beginning of this phase a general meeting is organized ( Kick Off 3) aiming to validate experimentation programs to be realized in countries partner. The strategic Laboratory, organizes the action  about consulting, formation and information ( f.i.. Change management, corporate governance corporate social responsibility, project management, strategic maps, scenarios, sinthetyc  experiences, panic bag, emergency routines, practical memory and so on). It is care of LS prepare an experimenting plan complete with timing, programs, instruments to be adopted. Ex ante there is a choice between the various instruments adopted by enterprises to prevent and manage crisis.

Some techniques of Change Management (CM), Corporate Governance (CG), Corporate Social Responsibility will be experienced.

These techniques already in use in  companiesí life  find in the present project  a lining up of the instruments , a constant and enlarged monitoring. The aim of the experimentation is a more effectiveness in using these instruments causing a major  capacity to manage.