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The Project

Shared enhancement for cooperation to transform and restructure (S.E.C.T.O.R.) aims to solve in a sustainable, active and concrete long lasting  way the situation of intersectoral crisis (metallurgic, textile, mechano-textile) hurting the productive districts partner, by the following phases:

  1. researches to focus , managing and control possible crisis
  2. creation of models experimented as CG, CM, CSR combined and personalized to a sample of companies
  3. creation of a network (composed by expertise
  4. monitoring, information and formation of the actors involved  in solving crisis; to spread excellence casesand good practices according to the acquis communataire.

The project is facing the theme so called "Managing the changemen"t because reinforce the capacity of the territories and of the partnership involved to adapt to the new economic scenarios caused by the globalisation of the markets, delocalisation of the production finding new solutions  to the problems that this may cause to the whole territory or district.

The sub theme considered is "Territorial dimension": this is reakted to the negative consequences that a big economic  changement  could cause in a territory, weakene it in the whole, cause very often is lacking a territorial cohesion. Therefore great importance is given to the "Territorial responsibility" as recmmended in Lisbona (March 2002): all the instutution and the whole territorial system must work in cohesion to get important goal to save the territories themselves and their population. The priorities chosen according with the guidelines are:

A partnership well integrated and with a big level of cohesion that could help the project to reach effectiveness in all its phases.

Great Attention to the creation of Committees supporting the running of the project.

A multi sectoral partnership given by significan Private and Public Bodies.

A great competence by the partners to manage crisis.

A transnational partnership balanced and in line with the multisectorial gender of the project.

A group of experts and consultant well skilled in managing crisis and economic turbulences.